Pink Workout Gloves

Pink Chakra Gym Gloves

Pink Workout Gloves

If you subscribe to the idea of chakras, then you know there are seven colors that represent the major energy centers of the body.  Pink isn't one of them actually.  Sometimes the first chakra or the Root Chakra is confused with the color pink but the appropriate color is actually red.  When it comes to exercise and fitness gear, what color you choose may actually say something about your personality, and could even effect your workouts.  Pink chakra gym gloves may help you get more out of your routine!

Pink Chakra Gym Gloves

Pink is a pale red color first used as a color name in the 17th century. The color's hue falls between red and magenta on the color spectrum. 

What Does It Mean If Pink Is Your Favorite Color

In one survey in the United States and Europe, only two percent of people asked chose pink as their favorite color whereas 45 percent chose the color blue.  So does it really make a difference if you use pink chakra gym gloves or some other color for your workout?  It just might!  Pink is associated with softness and nurturing.  These people are often pretty optimistic, romantic, well organized and methodical.  If pink is your favorite color you're likely to be less assertive and calm in nature. 

Pink Workout Grips

When it comes to your workout or exercise routine at the gym, color does matter.  There is a reason why you don't walk into any gyms that are painted in soft pastel colors, because this palette calms us down.  When you're working out and trying to #chasethepump you want to sweat and lift!  Assertive colors like vibrant red, blue and yellow are often used in gyms and Crossfit boxes where the goal is to motivate and keep people at a high energy level. 

You can buy pink chakra gym gloves right here on the GymPaws website using your Amazon account at checkout or paypal or a major credit card.  In addition you can find our full like of exercise and fitness gear in our Amazon catalog online

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