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Washable Gym Gloves

Washable Gym Gloves

Washable Gym Gloves

We all sweat in the gym, and some of us more than others.  Especially if you're a fan of HIIT workouts, circuit training, or Crossfit you're probably dripping wet by the end of your workout (at least you should be). Lots of clients ask me how to wash lifting gloves and to be honest, it's not that cut and dry.  The ideal situation is to have a pair of washable gym gloves, but when it comes to hand protection, not all options are created equally.

Washable Gym Gloves

The advantage of wearing some sort of hand protection when working out may be debated by some diehard bodybuilders, but for the vast majority of people there is no question that it's a good thing!  Gym gloves protect your hands from developing callouses due to the excess pressure and friction caused by weightlifting, and it can also enhance your grip.

A couple of things to look for if you're ready to buy gym gloves online:

  1. Material.  Look for the most natural materials available.  Especially if you're looking for a pair of washable gym gloves.  All GymPaws® products are made from top grain Italian leather.
  2. Thickness.  This is a tough one because if you're buying gym gloves online it's going to be next to impossible to figure out how bulky there are.  The best thing to do is read through a bunch of customer reviews because you'll likely hear other peoples feedback.
  3. Return policy.  Most fitness manufactuers are just big faceless companies that produce and sell a ton of products.  When it comes to washable gym gloves or any other for that matter, you want to be sure you can return anything if you don't like it.  GymPaws Inc has a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

How To Wash Lifting Gloves

  • The ideal way to wash ANY pair of workout gloves is to simply run them under warm water and suds them up with some hand soap.
  • Rinse them off well and allow them to air dry.

This stud is blasting his biceps wearing The V02Max Gym Glove by GymPaws®.  A supple suede palm, combined with Italian leather and ventilator mesh fabric, make these the most comfortable lifting gloves you'll wear.

Washable Gym Gloves

Even though ALL of GymPaws® Gym Gloves have withstood extensive washing and drying testing using machines, you really don't need to clean them this way.  While our hydro-phobic leather will be fine, you do reduce the life of the materials the more you wash and dry them using machines.


ACE® Certified Personal Trainer and bonafide Gym Rat.  My love of the Fitness Industry  culminated in the creation of GymPaws® Inc.  These are my posts... Some are informative and some are just fun. All are worth reading!

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