Padded Weight Lifting Straps

What Are Padded Weight Lifting Straps

Padded Weight Lifting Straps

Workout Gloves, Gym Gloves and Weightlifting Grips all serve the same purpose of protecting your hands against calluses from working out.  Weight lifting straps and hooks are not the same.  While some may offer a bit of hand protection, straps are more of a tool to help you lift better.  So what are padded weight lifting straps?

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Despite what some gym rats may choose to believe, callouses are not a badge of honor or indicative of your level of fitness.  Callousity is actually a medical condition.  It refers to your body's natural defense against excess pressure and friction against the skin.  In response to this external stress and threat, the skin of that area grows more thick, hardens, and becomes more dry.  Your body is literally creating a shield in that area. 

If you are weight training on bustin out a Crossfit WOD and you end up with cracked or bleeding hands, you're just not a bright person. Now, not only are you not using gym gloves to protect against calluses, you're letting the skin split apart and this leaves you literally open for infection.  Gross. 

Padded Lifting Straps

What Are Padded Weight Lifting Straps?

Padded Weight lifting Straps are slightly different than regular lifting straps.  A padded strap actually has less total length than traditional straps.  This is because you do not need to wrap the strap around your wrist as you do with traditional straps.  You simply just tighten the padded wrist support using the Velcro strap and then use the lifting straps just as you would normally do. We have a great video on YouTube How To Use Weight Lifting Straps

Remember, you never want to use padded weight lifting straps or any lifting straps with your gym gloves or hand pads for gym.  Straps are used for heavy pulling exercises only such as Deadlifts, Shrugs or Pull Ups. 

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