Amazon Weightlifting Gloves

Amazon Weightlifting Workout Crossfit Gear Reviews

Whether your workout of choice is a weightlifting workout, or Crossfit WOD you've probably shopped for gear at some point or another.  While most of us are pretty low maintenance when we hit the gym, when you think about it there really are some basic requirements needed before you start to melt off the fat or build pecs of steel. We have the perfect video of Amazon Weightlifting Workout Crossfit Gear Reviews to help you make your online purchase a littles less daunting. 

Amazon Weight Lifting Gloves

Amazon Weightlifting Workout Crossfit Gear Reviews

The exercise and fitness industry is a multi billion dollar industry.  Workout clothes and weightlifting gear compromises a chunk of that spending and it spans to include everything from consumables to skincare products. Gym gloves may not be on the top of your list but some sort of hand protection for the gym should be.  With nearly every professional sport on the planet, there is a specific and specialized glove that is designed to enhance either training or execution of that sport. Race car drivers have them, football and baseball athletes, gymnasts, soccer and even equestrians use gloves. 

So why then is there an apprehension about using workout gloves?  The answer is pretty simple:  most people are using the wrong product.  There hasn't been much innovation since the days of old school bodybuilding in the 1960's.  It was thought that gloves with a lot of padding made it easier to lift heavier.  Not only did these massive mitts make your hands sweat more than a popsicle on a 100 degree day, but they actually inhibited movement. 

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Amazon Weightlifting Workout Crossfit Gear Reviews

GymPaws® were designed by our team of Certified Personal Trainers, Professional Athletes, Coaches, and exercise physiologists. They are ergonomically designed to fit right in the palm of your hands where you need protection against calluses causing friction.  The slight padding does not get in the way of movement. Unlike most products on the market, including Amazon, we use only 100% certified genuine cowhide leather, which is the most durable material. 

You can check out our full catalog of products directly on Amazon here and of course you can buy online right here on our website using Pay With Amazon, PayPal or any major Credit Card.