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Animal Print Workout Gloves

Animal Print Workout GlovesDon’t by a workout glove just because it looks cool.  A workout glove is meant to perform with your body and your workout.  Animal Print Workout Gloves are all the rage right now, but check out what people have to say about them first!

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GymPaws® are THE #1 Top Rated Workout Gloves on Amazon for a reason… they actually help improve your workout, not just cover your hands so it “looks” like you actually workout.  GymPaws are Real Leather Lifting Grips and while they come in a ton of different colors, the Animal Print Workout Gloves are becoming quite popular.animal print workout gloves, femme fitale fitness

GymPaws Animal Print Workout Gloves

1. Real Leather.  They’re not knock off imitation leather workout gloves that only look like leather.  These are the real deal.  Just like a pair of gym shoes, the more you use your GymPaws the more they conform to your hands.

2. Four finger loops.  The space aged Neoprene fabric backing wicks away sweat.  It’s the same material used for scuba diving gear.  The four finger loops keep them in place so you don’t have to worry about taking them on an off.

3. GymPaws Animal Print Workout Gloves aren’t even gloves!  Technically they’re considered a lifting grip.  Think about it… you don’t life weights with the back of your hands and you don’t need some bulky glove making your hands all sweaty and gross.  GymPaws have a slightly padded leather front that protects your hands against calluses that working out can cause.  Not to mention, with a better grip, you’re likely to get a better workout!

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