Weight Lifting Gloves For Men

Best Gym Gloves For Heavy Lifting

Best Gym Gloves for Heavy Lifting

More and more people are buying gym gloves online not simply because sites like Amazon have become gigantic retailers, but because more people are understanding the benefits of using them!  However there has to be a reason why searches have gone up nearly 500% in the past three years, while gym memberships have remained constant for the most part.  When GymPaws® launched over 3 years ago we were one of the only fitness equipment manufacturers dedicated solely to eCommerce.  While certainly don’t take credit for the demand online, we do take a little credit.  When it comes to finding the best gym gloves for heavy lifting, the Original GymPaws® leather lifting grips have consistently been in the top 10 best rated on nearly every “list” you can find.  But there’s more…

Benefits of Weightlifting

Here at GymPaws Inc we’re a team comprised of Certified Personal Trainers, athletes and coaches.  We don’t just want to make fitness products, we want to make products that make fitness better!  The benefits of weightlifting are numerous of course, but many people don’t know how to workout “properly.”  Just as important, they often don’t workout consistently either!  We reguarly like to post informative blog posts, social media posts, and workout videos that demonstrate technique and form.  We hope in a small way they serve a purpose to motivate or inform potential weightlifters.

Here’s an example of a Cable Crossover Exercise

Best Gym Gloves for Heavy Lifting

Just this year (2015) Heavy.com named GymPaws lifting grips “the best workout gloves for men in 2015.”  While we’re certainly honored at the mention and exposure garnered, here at our little headquarters in Muscle Beach, CA we’ve know we were the best rated for years!

Best Weight Lifting Gloves

When you’re looking for a pair of the best gym gloves for lifting you have to keep a couple of things in mind:

What material are they made of?  At GymPaws, ALL of our gloves and weightlifting grips are made from 100% genuine cowhide leather.  This of course is the most durable material for workout gear.

Weight Lifting Gloves For Men

What do the customer reviews say?  While we’re certainly happy to be one of the best selling workout gloves on Amazon, we’re not alone!  “Best selling” simply means that within that 24 hour period, more people bought our product than our competitors, or vice versa.  Let’s say someone puts their product on a “clearance sale” for a day or two.  They’re “best selling” ranking could jump 100’s of positions.  So the day you decide to buy gym gloves online, they may look like a hot potato!