Best Lifting Grips For Crossfit

Red Chakra Lifting Grips – The Most Important Chakra?

GymPaws Red Chakra Lifting Grips

Of the 7 Chakras of the body most consider the 1st Chakra the most important.  It is called the root chakra and it is represented by the color Red. Being the first of the 7 chakra energy centers, it is also the most dense color in the spectrum. Red Chakra Lifting Grips can help you keep your mind – body connection solid during your time at the gym. 

The color red is the most stimulating color of the chakras and it has the slowest wavelength within the spectrum of colors that are visible to the eye.  Because it pulls the retina forward it naturally draws our attention outward. There is a reason why stop lights and stop signs are red.  They are impactful and our attention is subconsciously drawn to them.

Red Chakra Lifting Grips

When it comes to the health of the body, red is associated with the adrenal glands which are primarily responsible for our "flight or fight" instinct which is crucial to survival. Perhaps because of it's powerful source, the color red is considered masculine, dominant, and dynamic.  On the flip side, this color is also associated with anger. When too much anger is repressed it can result in depression.  Balancing your root chakra is quite possibly the most important place to start, as it effects the other 6 chakras quite dramatically. 

Best Lifting Grips For Crossfit

Weightlifting grips or gym gloves aren't just to offer hand protection during a workout, they can also effect your mood.  While you may have never thought of this, consider what happens when you put on your favorite color t shirt or dress?  It makes you feel "better."  GymPaws® come in a variety of colors because everyone is drawn to colors differently.  Even if you don't subscribe to the whole notion, if you consciously make an attempt to pay attention to the concept, that alone might make a difference. 

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