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Best Workout Gloves

best workout gloves, best crossfit gloves, gloves for crossfitLooking for the best workout gloves?  There are a lot of option but it really just depends on what you’ll be using your new workout gloves for.  Workout gloves are also referred to as exercise gloves, lifting grips or bodybuilding gloves.  Let’s review a couple workout options that may help you decided to try out a new pair of workout gloves.

  1. Kettlebell Workouts – Kettlebells have been around as long as their close cousins the dumbells however they only recently seem to be coming into vogue.  A kettlebell is a weight bell like hunk of metal.  Imagine a metal ball with a build in handle and that’s your kettlebell.
    1. Like dumbells Kettlebells range in weights available.   Before progressing on to advanced kettelbell exercises be sure to have the best kettlebell workout gloves and practice, practice, practice!
    2. Bodyweight Exercises – Bodyweight workouts can include bodyweight exercises like push ups, core work, lunges, squats and pull ups.  (note: if you’re attempting pull ups for the first time, read this article about proper pull up form and be sure to wear your workout gloves for pullups).
      1. Bodyweight exercises are just that… exercises that you complete only using your body weight and gravity resistance.  A pull up is a great example because you’re simply lifting the weight of your body.  A good pull up tip is to focus on pulling the bar to your, rather than yourself up to the bar.
      2. Weight Lifting  – Weight lifting isn’t just for die hard bodybuilders anymore.  Those looking to shed a few pounds, tone up, or put on muscle are turning to the free weight room and that gym and exploring new weight lifting exercises.
          1. You’ll want a really good pair of workout gloves or weight lifting gloves before you attempt to begin your routine.  Remember with most weight lifting exercises you’re pushing or pulling a dumbbell or barbell and you’re hands come in to direct contact with these hard, rough metal surfaces.  Without proper workout gloves, you may quickly see thick calluses developing on your hands.  While in and of themselves these calluses are harmless, as you continue to workout they can actually become dry and brittle and bleed!
          2. Crossfit and Bootcamp style workouts – High intensity interval training or HIIT style workouts are designed to give you short intense bursts of exercises combined with little or equal amounts of rest in between.  Especially for crossfit, a good pair of workout gloves would be idea to keep your hands from looking nasty!