Best Weight Training Gloves

Best Weight Training Gloves

Best Weight Training GlovesThere are about 700 muscles in the human body. There are also just about as many different weight training exercises you can do to train them, and even more options when it comes to hand protection in the gym.  Before you go off spending your good money on crap – read why users have voted GymPaws® as the Best Weight Training Gloves of all time!

1. The best weight training gloves are made from REAL LEATHER!  Not “leather like” material that most other gym gloves are made from. And what the he!! is “micro-suede” Leather?!  Is that something from teeny tiny cows?

2. The Best Weight Training Gloves FIT like a glove! Four Finger Loops on our GymPaws lifting grips assure they’re the best fitting.Other lifting grips and even half finger workout gloves aren’t designed to fit you well.  They’re designed to be the lowest cost product with the highest profit margin.  At GymPaws Inc, we design each of our products by hand and use them ourselves in the gym before a customer will ever even see them!

3. Some brand names are bunk!  Harbinger Training Gloves are one of the most popular, and honestly they’re one of the best.  Unfortunately Harbinger Gloves are designed for meat head bodybuilders BY meat head bodybuilders.  The functional design hasn’t changed in 20 years.  At GymPaws® we know your workout can be different everyday and we want to make sure our gloves are just as versatile as your workouts.

4. The best training gloves are only good if you use them!  Don’t get a pair of full finger workout gloves if most of your workouts are circuit style workouts like CrossFit where you’re moving from exercise to exercise (not to mention sweating like a pig)… most “CrossFit Gloves” will be disappointing.  Try a less intrusive (and moisture resistant) option like GymPaws Leather Lifting Grips.

If you’re more of a weight training fan, you will also appreciate that GymPaws were designed to help improve your grip and reduce hand fatigue… all while being a compact design that fits right in the palm of your hands.

At GymPaws® Inc we don’t sell to distributors because we want to have one-on-one interactions with each and every customer we can.  You won’t find a better price or better customer service than buying directly from the manufactuer.  Now you can even checkout using your Amazon Account in addition to PayPal and any major credit card.

Check em out in action!