Leather Gymnastic Grips for Crossfit

Leather Gymnastic Grips for Crossfit – Leather is Better

Whatever you call them… Leather Lifting Grips, Crossfit Gloves, Gymnastic Grips or Workout Gloves you’re never gonna want to workout without your GymPaws!  Fans of Crossfit style workouts like GymPaws because they don’t inhibit movement.  You don’t need a full glove to protect the palm of your hands from calluses, you just need something between you and the bar or weight that stays in place.  Because GymPaws are made from Leather they stand up to even the toughest workouts!

Gymnastic Grips for Crossfit

If you’re  considering getting some hand protection for your Crossfit workout then you’re probably familiar with a typical #wod or gymnastic workout.  A form of HIIT (high intensity interval training), Crossfit is an agumulgation of exercises and movements from the world of gymnastics, bodybuilding, power weight lifting, and calisthenics.  The workout itself may be unique to “crossfit training,” but the exercises themselves certainly are not.  Here are some common exercises for which someone may want to wear grips for Crossfit.

Leather Gymnastic Grips for Crossfit

Muscle Up

– Requiring great arm strength to pull yourself up and over the handholds from a dead hang of hanging position, this combo of pull up to dip can tear your hands apart in no time.  GymPaws® are great because they are Leather and allow for natural hand rotation around the rings.

Knees to Elbows

– As you hang from your pull up bar or set of rings you’re basically bringing your knees up to your elbows.  Duh! 😉  Check out more detailed instruction for Knees to Elbows (with video demo).

Toes to Bar

– Like with Knees to Elbows you’re performing a similar movement however you’re extending to bring your toes to the bar rather than knees to elbows.  Another hanging exercises that requires great grip strength, and where you’ll find a pair of Leather Gymnastic Grips for Crossfit to be helpful.

Leather Gymnastic Grips for Crossfit


– While supporting yourself on a dip machine, parallel bars or rings with straight arms, lower yourself down to a 90 degree position and then return to starting position.

What To Look For When Buying Crossfit Gymnastic Grips

First and foremost you need to know the material that the product is made with.  Grip pads and gloves that have a sticky rubbery surface are NOT advised and could even lead to injury.  Your hand must be able to naturally rotate around the bar or weight that you are grasping, not stick to it.  This is a very common misconception.  For this reason we only use genuine cowhide leather for our GymPaws grips and gloves.

Because you will be moving rapidly from one exercise to the next, you need grips that won’t fall off as you transition. GymPaws are designed with four finger loops so they fit like a glove, without the added bulk.  They stay in place, so you don’t have to.

Minimal padding is the last feature you want to verify before making your purchase.  Too much padding and you risk losing tactile sensation, too little padding and the grip may bunch up and get in the way.

Good Gymnastic Grips For Crossfit


Whether you’re tearing it up in your gym or Crossfit box or hitting the local pull up bars at the park, a pair of leather gymnastic grips for crossfit will save your hands and let you focus on the task at hand… #beastmode!