best workout gloves and best gym gloves

Best Workout Gloves 2013

Best Workout Gloves 2013Best workout gloves 2013 are the same as the Best Workout Gloves 2014!  It’s GymPaws® bro!  Rated #1 on Amazon since July 2013 now you can buy them right here on the GymPaws website using your Amazon Account with “Pay with Amazon.”

Now listen… this isn’t just any ‘ole workout glove.  It’s actually not a glove at all!  It’s best described as a Lifting Grip – although fans call them Crossfit Gloves and Weightlifting Gloves as well!

Here’s why they are the best workout gloves for men (and women).

1. They’re made from Leather – Not imitation vinyl, crappy rubber sponge material, or flimsy fabric!  Leather is one of the most durable, if not THE MOST durable material used for fitness accessories and/or fitness apparel.

2. Minimal profile – That means that there’s not extra bulk or material where you don’t need it.  GymPaws fit right in the palm of your hands to protect your skin against calluses that working out can cause.Best Workout Gloves 2013

3. Slight padding – There’s just the right amount of cushion for the pushin’!  Thick rubber lifting grip pads and other workout gloves amazon are too bulky and that interferes with your sense of touch and pressure.

4. 4 Finger Loop Neoprene Backing – Yup!  One loop for each finger just like a normal pair of workout gloves would have.  That means they’ll stay in place and that’s probably why they’ve been voted the best workout gloves for pull ups as well!

5. Moisture Resistant. – Yeah that’s right… read it again… GymPaws are moisture resistant.  That means that when you come home from your lift or crossfit #wod drenched in sweat, you can toss your workout gloves right into the wash machine and dryer with your smelly clothes!  It doesn’t get any easier than that.

6. Unisex in design. – Whether you pick a pair of GymPaws Pink Workout Gloves, American Flag, Cheetah or Blue, Black, or Grey… they’re made for men or women.

best workout gloves and best gym gloves