Buy Blue Gym Gloves Online

Buy Blue Chakra Gym Gloves Online

Buy Blue Gym Gloves Online

Weight training, bodybuilding and Crossfit wod's aren't the only means of keeping your body healthy. Buy blue chakra gym gloves online, and you just may be on your way to a spiritual journey as well.  In 2016 no exercise and fitness routine is complete without having good mind body balance.  It's time to focus on your chakras!

Throat Chakra Colors

The color has many meaning in different cultures and modalities of spirituality.  Just as every personal trainer in the gym or weightlifting room will have a different perspective on how to do say a biceps curl. 

Colors are waves of energy traveling through space, and each of them has it's own unique wavelength.  That's right, colors are not just names of crayons in the box!  

When you buy blue chakra gym gloves online…

… you're not just on amazon or google buying hand protection, you're also deciding what energy you'd like to attract and reflect!

Blue is one of the most popular colors.  It has a cool calming effect and signifies trust and certainty.  The blue chakra is associated with communication and focuses on the mouth, throat and neck.  Those gymrats or yoga enthusiast who have a well balanced throat chakra are likely very good at communicating.  A good personal trainer working with a client on their weightlifting program or workout routine in the gym probably should have developed communication skills whether they are a man or a woman. 

Gym gloves for men tend to be larger and more bulky, whereas gym gloves for women sometimes lack the durability because those manufacturers want to make them more "pretty."  The best gym gloves 2016 are GymPaws Lifting Grips for a reason!  Designed ergonomically for both men or women, they have enough protection without getting in the way.  Buy a pair of blue chakra gym gloves online for yourself and see what happens!