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Douche Bag Weightlifting Crossfit Workout

What is a douche bag weightlifting crossfit workout?  You know the guy or girl who incessantly talks about their crossfit wod as if that one hour 3 times a week makes them a super hero or something. Granted a typical crossfit routine is a ball buster of a workout, but is it really any more effort than those of us who hit the gym everyday weightlifting or doing cardio?  The answer is no.  Below is a video of a Battling Ropes routine that demonstrates 12 different exercises and I guarantee the guy or girl who can't stop boasting of their crossfit accomplishments will wither and melt after trying this workout for just a minute or two. 

Douchebag Weightlifting Crossfit Workout

Douche Bag Weightlifting Crossfit Workout

This Battling Ropes workout is definitely one that will make you sweat. While Battling Ropes is part of a lot of Crossfit workouts, its usually just one exercise (waves) done for about 60 seconds as part of a larger routine.  What a lot of people don't realize is that you can get an entire full body workout with the ropes and can even use it to substitute one of your weightlifting days at the gym! 

Weightlifting Crossfit Workout

Just about every battle ropes exercise requires that you assume a basic squat position.  Imagine that someone is tossing a weighted medicine ball towards you to catch.  Your abs should be tight as you lower your butt towards the floor with your arms extended forward as if you're going to catch something.  When the weight and movement of the rope is added to the equation, suddenly every muscle group is called into action as your body is challenged to retain this center of gravity position. 

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