Fitness Gift Basket Ideas

Gym Fitness Gift Basket Ideas

Whether it's Christmas time or someone's birthday or any other special occasion finding a fitness gift idea for someone who works out can be difficult.  You're not going to get them shoes or clothes because when it comes to workout gear people's preferences are usually different than something they may wear everyday.  Here are some  cool gym fitness gift basket ideas for you to ponder as you search online for that perfect present. 

Fitness Gloves GiftsGym Fitness Gift Basket Ideas

Workout or gym gloves are a must. The number one reason some people still aren't using hand protection at the gym is simply because they haven't tried gloves for years and they still think that everything is old school bulky bodybuilding gloves. That's one of the reasons that Crossfit Weekly® Magazine and rated GymPaws as 2017 Best workout gloves for Crossfit and weightlifting. 

  1. They are made from 100% Genuine Cowhide Leather, not faux materials or synthetic fibers.  Real leather means enhanced protection not to mention long lasting durability.
  2. Hand crafted by true leather artisans, GymPaws 2017 Best Gym Gloves are some rando knockoff cheap China imports.  These are the real deal!
  3. The back of our grips are made from Hydrophobic Military Grade Neoprene – the same material used in high end scuba diving gear. 
  4. Four finger loops keep the grips in place even during the toughest of workout routines.  

No gym fitness gift basket ideas would be complete without a pair of GymPaws. If you're looking to buy gym gloves online, checkout Amazon where you can find our full line of exercise and fitness products.

Best Gym Gloves 2017

You can also shop right here on the website and use your Amazon account to checkout or even Paypal or a major credit card.  We here at GymPaws are a team of Certified Personal Trainers, exercise physiologists and professional athletes and coaches. We produce gym gloves and workout products for performance vs profit. We stand behind all of our products 100%.  Have an issue? Just shoot us an email and we'll take care of it!