Workout Gifts For Men

Workout Gifts For Men – Personal Trainer or Swolemate

48 days until Christmas and if you're thinking about some good workout gifts for men we've got you covered.  Buying a fitness present for someone into bodybuilding, weightlifting, or Crossfit isn't always the easiest decision to make.  It's not like you're going to buy them shoes.  Gym clothes are always an option, but then again what someone may wear to the office or out to dinner may not be what they'd choose to wear for a workout.  Gifts for the gym rat on your list doesn't have to be rocket science. 

Good Workout Gifts For Men

The one thing any guy needs in the gym is something to protect their hands.  While some guys may still think that gross rough dry calloused hands are a badge of their level of fitness, anyone who has to hold onto or be touched by one of these elephant mitt palms would choose to disagree.

Workout Gift Ideas For Men

Here is why we think that you should consider getting a pair of GymPaws® Original Leather weight lifting grips: 

  1. They're the ONLY grips you can find anywhere (this includes online Amazon, eBay, etc.,) that are actually made of GENUINE cowhide leather.  Why is this the best material?  It's the most durable material for the gym or workout and has been for decades.  As leather gloves break in, they conform to one's grip, making them almost a custom fit. 
  2. Four finger loops simulate the feeling of wearing a full workout glove, but minus all the extra bulky material and padding.  One of the main reason guys hate wearing or using grips or gloves is because they make your hands sweat.  Not to mention that most no name gym manufacturers think that more padding means more comfort.  
  3. Military grade Neoprene used for GymPaws is different than your iPad case or mousepad.  High performance neoprene wicks away sweat and it's the same material as military diving gear. 

Fitness Gifts For Men

Check out if you want to get them from Amazon or you can guy your workout gifts for men right here on our website using your Amazon account to checkout, or Paypal or a credit card. 

This year, you can't go wrong with a workout gift for your swolemate or Personal Trainer with a pair of GymPaws.