Which 6 Pack Are You

Get 6 Pack Abs – Lifestyle Workout

In all of my years as a Personal Trainer, I don’t think I have ever met someone who didn’t want 6 pack abs.  There are probably hundreds of exercises you could do in or out of the gym.  Workout advice on how to get abs is even more plentiful.  Still shocking to me is how many people don’t really understand the basic fundamentals.

Get 6 Pack Abs – Lifestyle Workout

6 Pack Abs Are Sexy

On average you spend 2080 hours a year at work.  Other than sleep, work is the most time consuming part of our daily lives.  If getting that v shape for guys or having a tight sexy tummy for girls is the goal, let’s start with your work environment.

When is the last time that someone brought a plate full of vegetables and fruit to your Monday morning meeting? Probably never.  Instead the table is strewn with high fat, high carb, high sugar snacks.  Let’s assume you grab one or two and return to your desk.  You’re not jogging while completing those spreadsheets, you’re sitting idly at your desk typing away.  Instead of burning off those empty carbs, you are teaching your body to store them for later use.  Possibly that later use never comes and guess what?  Your body stores energy as body fat.

Shredded Abs Salad

Think of food as fuel.  Fuel up your body when you’re ready to ignite that fuel for energy, not when you’re sitting for 8 hours.

Abs Are Made In The Kitchen

You may have the coolest new workout gloves or high performance gym gear and gadgets, but they do nothing to help you get 6 pack abs.  Literally nothing.

In order to see that washboard you have to figure out how to get rid of that stored energy that’s covering it up.  The 10 hours you may spend at the gym or exercising isn’t going to cut it, so you have no choice but to focus on what you’re eating.  Lifestyle choices my friend!

Focusing on your diet is the number one strategy for sculpting that sexy 6 pack.  Your abdominal muscles are flat and broad.  They don’t bulge like biceps for instance.  The only thing keeping you from seeing your abs is the layer of body fat that’s covering them.  Maintain a clean healthy diet, and a good weight lifting and cardio routine and you’ll be #swoleandflexy in no time!