Proper Form For Ab Planks

Ab Planks Proper Form – Exercise Video Demo

Proper form for ab planks - by GymPaws Gym GlovesWhether you’re trying to get those cut V shaped abs or just trying to tighten up the tummy, few ab exercises compare to Ab Planks!  Relying solely on bodyweight, gravity, and well, physics… you don’t need gym gloves, weights or equipment and can do them anywhere at any time! Just like with any exercise it’s only effective if you’re doing it properly, so here are some tips for Ab Planks Proper Form.

Can you build muscle with Ab Planks?

Yes.  Bodyweight exercises can be just as effective at building muscle as weight training exercises.  If you feel like you’re not getting the most out of your abs workout, the answer isn’t always to add more weight and resistance.  Remember, to build muscle you need to constantly be challenging it with not only resistance, but variation. You might be able to do a crap load of knees to elbows, but peter out after just a couple sets of ab planks.

Ab Planks Proper Form

1. Start by getting on the floor on all fours resting on your forearms and elbows.

2. The Ab Plank begins when you transfer your bodyweight from your knees to your toes, thus forming the plank.

3. Keeping your spine neutral, focus on squeezing your abs and butt to stabilize your core.  Imagine there’s a string attached from your bellybutton up to the ceiling.

4. The goal is to maintain this position for as long as possible.  When you feel your hips start to sag towards the floor and can’t hold them neutral any longer, relax and go back to your knees.  Rest for 30 seconds or so and go on to your next rep.

Ab Planks Proper Form:  Tips

–  Keep your head neutral.  You should be trying to check out the butt of the person in front of you, and your head shouldn’t be looking down towards your feet!  You need to keep the spine neutral.

–  Don’t shrug your shoulders.  People have a tendency to want to scrunch up, and without realizing it their shoulders are up by their ears!

–  Compete with yourself not someone else!  The goal here is Ab Planks Proper Form, not trying to hold a plank longer than the tool on the floor next to you.  Focus on form and feeling your core engage rather than how long you’re holding the plank for!

Proper Form For Ab Planks