Best Oblique Workout Gloves 2017

Best Oblique Workout Gloves Not Included

Getting 6 pack abs may be one of your fitness goals, but they're not as easy to achieve as all the glossy exercise magazines may lead you to believe.  When it comes to melting away those pesky love handles, you're going to have to learn to train the oblique muscles. Here is what we call the best oblique workout gloves not required.

Leg Raise Single Side Plank Oblique Exercise

Pictured above,  the Plank and Leg raise is great way to fire up those oblique muscles. Start with a basic side plank where your body weight is distributed between your elbow and forearm and  feet.  Your free arm remains at your side. In one fluid motion, simultaneously raise your arm  and leg straight up towards the ceiling. Return to starting position and complete as many reps as possible.

Best Oblique Workout Exercises 

Best Oblique Workout Gloves Not Included

While you may not necessarily need hand protection at the gym on abs or obliques days, that's why GymPaws® are the perfect alternative to traditional workout gloves.  The ergonomically designed compact slightly padded leather palm fits discretely in the palm of your hands without getting the in way. Unlike other cheap rubbery grip pads, they have 4 finger loops so they don't fall off.  No more taking your workout gloves on and off inbetween exercises!

Oblique Crunches with Plate



This is one exercise that should not be left out of the best oblique workout! This is a great video demo to show you proper form. It's important that you maintain a succinct mind body connection when you're training abs and obliques. This may sound a bit strange, but it's important to focus on the muscles that the exercise is intended to train.

Too many people are letting their hip flexors do all the work when they're doing abs.  With the Oblique Crunch with plates or cables, it's too easy to let the larger muscle groups of the upper body do the bulk of the work.  If you're not feeling it a good little trick is to place your hand that is not holding the weight on the side you're training. Feel the obliques working.  Don't focus on the number of reps or the weight you're holding with this or any oblique exercise! They are a very small muscle group and proper form is crucial. You're better off training your core with slower, longer reps versus high weights and quick jerky movements. 

btw you of course can purchase GymPaws® right here on our website and use your Amazon or Paypal account to check out if you don't have a major credit card. You can also visit to check out our full line of exercise and fitness products.  Good luck achieving your fitness goals with this Best Oblique Workout Gloves Not Included!

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