medicine ball workout for abs

Medicine Ball Ab Workout

medicine ball workout for absThe Medicine ball workout is one of the most effective Ab Exercises to get 6 Pack Abs.  The exercise itself is similar to a standard ab crunch, however you’re using the weight of a medicine ball to increase resistance.

What is a Medicine Ball?

You may see them tucked away in the corner at your gym.  They’re really an awesome workout tool, however they are under utilized.  A medicine ball is a weighted ball about the size of a basketball, altho they can vary in size and weight.

A medicine ball ab workout can consist of many movements, however for the sake of this article we’re going to start with the basic Medicine Ball Crunch.

1.  Select a medicine ball weight that is light enough that you can comfortably hold it in front of you, however not too heavy that you’re struggling to lift it.  8-10lbs should be good.

2. Lie on the floor or exercise mat and assume the position you would to perform a regular ab crunch. Your knees should be bent and your back flat on the floor.

3. Hold the medicine ball with arms extended straight in front of you.

4. Proceed to crunch up and focus on extending the medicine ball over or between your knees.  It’s important to feel your abs contract!  Imaging pushing your lower back into the floor and / or a string is pulling the ab ball straight in front of you.

5. Hold the contraction for a second and return to starting position.

Whenever you’re performing ab exercises it’s really important to maintain a mind body connection   That means you need to “feel” your ab muscles working in your mind.  Many times I’ve worked with clients who are performing an exercise properly, however they’re not feeling it.  Get your mind focused on your workout and those 6 pack abs you’re trying to get!