Weighted Shallow Crunch | Adonis Belt Workout

Weighted Shallow Crunch | Adonis Belt Workout

Adonis Belt Workout

Exercise Video Demo:  Is your New Year’s Resolution to get back into the gym?  80% of us make a resolution related to health and fitness, whether it’s to get back to the gym, eat better, or quit smoking.  If you’re a guy you might be looking to shed a few pounds and start sculpting that 6 pack.  Add the Weighted Shallow Crunch to your Adonis Belt Workout and you’ll be sporting some v shaped abs by summer!

Weighted Shallow Crunch – Adonis Belt Workout

1. Grab a gym mat and plate.  This exercise is done on the floor using a standard weight plate for resistance.

2.  Begin by lying on your back while holding the weight with both hands at your chest.

3.  Extend your arms straight up at chest level.  Crunch up towards the ceiling by raising your shoulders off the floor.

4.  Lower back to starting position.

Tips for the Weighted Shallow Crunch

–  Focus on using a slow controlled motion through out the contraction.

–  Keep the lower abs against the floor at all times.  This movement focuses on training the upper abs.

–  The feet should be positioned slightly wider than shoulder width.