Barbell Rollout for V Shaped Abs

Barbell Rollout for V Shaped Abs

Get V Shaped Abs with the Barbell RolloutEXERCISE VIDEO DEMO:  The Barbell Rollout is a great exercise to help sculpt those v shaped abs, and it’s a pretty easy move to master. Toss out that abs wheel, and opt for this abs exercise instead.

Barbell Rollout vs Ab Wheel
The Ab Wheel is a staple in just about every gym, so why not just use that?  One of the advantages of the Barbell Rollout for abs workout is that it helps to stabilize your shoulders eliminating undue stress that can cause injury.

Barbell Rollout For Abs

1. Grab a floor mat, your lifting grips and barbell or ezcurl bar with plates on either side.  (It’s probably a good idea to use clips so that the weights don’t work their way off the bar.)

2. Kneeling in front of the bar grip the bar and squeeze your abs. Exhale and roll the bar out to a full extension.

3. As you return to the starting position, again squeezing your abs as tight as possible. Focus on using your abs to return to the starting position vs “pulling” with the shoulders.

Add this to your abs workout with 15-20 reps for 4 sets and you’ll be feeling the burn… and on your way to sexy v shaped abs!