How To Do V Ups Exercise For Abs

V Ups Exercise For V Shaped Abs

How To Do V Ups Exercise For Abs

Exercise Video Demo:  While getting some shredded V Shaped Abs may seem like a lofty goal, it definitely is obtainable with some dedication both in the gym and off.  The V Ups Exercise is a pretty easy abs exercise to master and a great addition to your abs workout. 

V Shaped Abs Start in the Kitchen!

That V shaped on guys is probably one of the most sought after fitness goals by any guy who’s serious about transforming or sculpting their physique.  Hard work in the gym is a necessity, but dedication to eating a clean diet and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial. You’re not going to see all that hard work you’re putting in on that 6 pack if it’s still covered with bodyfat.  You need to have a balance of eating a healthy diet,  getting in enough cardio, and of course staying consistent with your workouts.

V Ups Exercise


  1. All you really need for equipment is a gym mat.  Although you can do this exercise on any level surface, your back will appreciate the added cushion of the pad.  As you progress to more advanced variations of this exercise to include resistance you may want a pair of gym gloves. (I’m wearing the original GymPaws Lifting Grips in this video).
  2. Sit down with your feet flat on the floor and the palm of your hands flat on the floor behind you.
  3. Start the movement by retracting your shoulder blades (pull em down and back) as you lean back and extend your legs to form a plank position.
  4. Contract the abs to bring your knees up towards the chest and return to the starting position without allowing your feet to touch the floor.