Abs Core Workout Kettlebell

Kettlebell Core Workout For V Shape Abs On Guys

You know that v shape on guys.  It’s called the adonis belt and it’s the two grooves that runs from the obliques down to the groin area.  Certaily ab crunches and various lower body ab movements will help sculpt this muscle group but what about adding kettlebells to your workout.  Here are some kettlebell core workout you can do at home or at the gym with or without workout gloves.


Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart as you reach down and grab the kettlebell with your left hand.  As you bring the weight to your shoulder press it upwards.  Pivot your chest to the left and reach down to touch your right foot and right hand. Basically you’re keeping your arms extended as if they were the blades of a windmill rotating in front of you.

Kettlebell Abs Exercise

As the above video shows, GymPaws make a great choice for kettllebell workout gloves as they don’t get in the way nor do they have too much padding or material to make your hands hot and sweaty. You can get GymPaws workout and weightlifting gloves on Amazon here https://www.amazon.com/shops/gympaws

V Shaped Abs On Guys
This is another good exercise to add to your kettlebell core workout for v shaped abs. Plank tap is pretty simple.  As you maintain a plank position reach in front of your and tap the kettlebell that you have already placed in front of you.  By reaching out individually with each hand to tap the weight you’re forcing the muscles of your core aka the abs to stabilize the body during the plank. Raising the hand causes instability.