V Shaped Abs Workout

Hip Dip with Clamshell – Sculpt Those V Shaped Abs

V Shaped Abs Workout

EXERCISE VIDEO DEMO:  If you workout or hit the gym regularly you probably already have your favorite abs exercises.  I don’t think there’s a guy or girl out there who wouldn’t like to strut around the gym with tight abs and a toned core.  In order to get those sexy v shaped abs however, you gotta mix up your workout from time to time.  This is one of my favorite abs / core exercises that not only tightens up your core, it works your butt as well.  In this video I demo how to do a compound hip dip exercise with a clamshell.

V shaped abs are also called the Adonis Belt and it refers to the Illiac Furrow which are the sexy little grooves you can develop on either side of your abs.  I like this compound movement because it hit the lower abs and really blasts the obliques and glutes in one fluid movement.

Hip Dip Exercise with Clamshell

1.  Assume a side plank position resting on your forearm and knees.  Keep an active shoulder, with the head raised and in line with the spine.

2. Inhale and lower your obliques towards the floor, and return to starting position.

3. Without pause of movement, raise the active (top level leg) up, squeezing your glutes. Return to starting position.