Plank Knee Cross – More To The Core!

Plank Knee Cross – More To The Core!

Plank Knee Cross Exercise for AbsExercise Video Demo:  The Plank Knee Cross exercise can be done anywhere, in or out of the gym.  Not only is it a killer abs workout but it also works the obliques.  If you looking to sculpt those v shaped abs in 2015 you have to add this exercise to your line up.  Here how it’s done…

Plank Knee Cross

1.  You don’t need much space for this workout.  Get on the floor on all fours and assume a push up or ab plank position.

2.  To execute this move, squeeze the abs and bring your left leg up to your right elbow and back. Repeat with the opposite leg.

3.  Without rest complete 15 to 20 repetitions on each side (so total 30 to 40).  Shoot for 4 sets.

Plank Knee Cross Exercise Video DemoThe Plank Knee Cross exercise also works the hip flexors in addition to being a great abs exercise.  The hip flexors include the Psoas and Iliacus muscles which are partly responsible for the “iliac furrow” which is more commonly called V Shaped Abs.  This is the small indentation that can be visible running on either side of the abs from the obliques down to the groin region.   Keep in mind that even the best abs exercises or workout won’t give you a shredded 6 pack.  You need to melt away the bodyfat that is covering it up.  Don’t get discouraged however because as you consistently do the Plank Knee Cross or any abs exercise you’re strengthening your core muscles which is beneficial even if you can’t see that 6 pack just yet!