This abs workout for v shaped abs will get you shredded!

Workout To Get V Shaped Abs

This abs workout for v shaped abs will get you shredded!Workout To Get V Shaped Abs. This circuit is done with no rest between exercises.  Once you’ve completed the full circuit, rest no more than one minute and complete the circuit again for a total of four times.

Hanging Leg Raises – 15 Reps

When you’re doing hanging leg raises, whether using the Roman chair for abs or ab straps, it’s important to remember that the most crucial part of the exercise is when you’re quads are parallel to the floor.  The movement that brings your legs up from the starting position is largely working your hip flexors.  When your upper legs are parallel to the floor,  the extra “squeeze” to bump your knees just a bit higher is what’s actually engaging your abs.

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Best workout to get those v shaped abs on guys.


Hip-Ups – 20 Reps

Laying flat on a workout bench, grab hold of the bench above your head.  The movement consists of raising your pelvis (hips) up from the bench and “crunching” towards your chest.  A great variation of this is simply extending your legs straight up in the air with ankles crossed, and focusing on constricting your abs to raise your hips from the bench.

Best Abs Exercises

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Bicycles – 25 Reps

Best ab exercises and v shaped abs workout

Stability Ball Ab Crunches – 30 Reps

No workout to get v shaped abs would be complete with at least one abs exercises using the stability ball!  Ab Crunches are a basic abs exercises.  Remember that your hands are used to simple add leverage and stability to the movement.   You should not be “pulling” yourself or your head.

V Shaped Abs Workout for Men