Want Abs?  Then Thrust You Must! Leg Lift With Hip Thrust

Want Abs? Then Thrust You Must! Leg Lift With Hip Thrust

Leg Lift With Hip Thrust Abs Exercise

Exercise Video Demo:  You don’t need equipment to sculpt those adonis belt abs, you just need to know how to execute your abs exercises with proper form.  The Leg Lift With Hip Thrust is a perfect example.  If done correctly, you’ll get an awesome burn!  Here’s how to do it…

The Best Abs Exercises Are The Ones You Do Properly

Despite what some gymrats might lead you to believe, you really can’t isolate one part of the abs over another even with the best abs exercises ever discovered!  There are four main muscle groups that compose the abs and when you perform any abs or core exercise you’re engaging all of them.

The Transversus Abdominus is the deepest muscle layer and it maintains internal abdominal pressure.  The Rectus Abdominus lives between the ribs and the pubic bone and gets most of the glory because it’s responsible for the 6 pack abs you see (or don’t see.)  The External Oblique and Internal Oblique Muscles are on each side of the Rectus Abdominus and are responsible for the twisting action of the trunk.  They’re also the guys responsible for V Shaped Abs.

Leg Lift With Hip Thrust

1. Grab a gym mat and some space on the floor.  You won’t need any weights for this exercise.

2. Start by laying flat on the floor with your legs straight.  Stablize yourself by spreading your arms and placing your palms of the floor.

3. Execute the move by raising your legs up until they’re perpendicular with the floor.

4. In a controlled movement, thrust or pop your hips off the floor as your feet reach the apex of the move.

5. Slowly lower your legs back to the starting position without allowing your feet to rest on the floor.

Tips for the Leg Lift With Hip Thrust

–  Really focus on pressing your lower back into the floor as you lift your legs.

–  Your upper body really shouldn’t move during this exercise.  If you find it too difficult to keep your upper body stationary, you can try holding onto to something stable behind your head.  For example if you’re doing this exercise at home you could grab a staircase railing behind you or even a heavy piece of furniture.  You’ll see some people in the gym do this abs exercise on a bench so that they can hold onto that for stability.

–  Remember to do your cardio and watch your diet!  No amount of ab exercises are going to melt that pesky fat that’s covering them up!

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