2017 Gym Gloves For Rowing

Shotgun Row Exercise for Lats

You don't see the Shotgun Row Exercise for Lats done very often in the gym.  I'm not sure why that is other than the fact that it does require a bit more space than most exercises.  It's an awesome exercise for developing the lats (Latissimus Dorsi) and like most back exercises it's a variation of a standard row.  Here's how to do it:

Shotgun Row Exercise

1. On a cable machine set the single handle pull to the lowest position on the rack.

2. Move yourself back until the cable is taught (but not pulling the weight up).  Maintain a very wide split stance with the leg corresponding to the side you're working behind you, and the other leg in the forward position.  The arm for the side you're working should be extended out in front of you, and the resting arm at your side or braced on your leg for stability.

3.  Pull back being using a neutral grip (palm facing inwards) until your elbow is just above the level of your back.  As you pull the weight towards you rotate your hand slightly so that you're in a supinated position (palm facing towards you) at the top of the movement.

4.  Pause for a second and with a slow and controlled movement return the weight to the starting position.

Shotgun Row Exercise

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