Is this the best biceps workout you can do?

Back and Biceps Workout For Mass – Reverse Biceps Curls

Is this the best biceps workout you can do?Back and Biceps Workout for Mass seems a bit redundant.  No one is looking for a biceps workout for minimal gains!  In reality the time you spend training an individual muscle group is far less important than the other 23 hours of the day.  You can balk at this all you want, but when you think about it, it makes sense.  Let’s say you train back and biceps twice a week for about an hour or so each time.  Assuming you’re splitting up the workout between biceps and back about half you time is dedicated to each.  So we’re at about 30 minutes twice a week or one hour per week.  You’re probably not going to add more time to your workout, so you need to add more intensity to it!  Try adding these two exercises to your next back and biceps workout.

Back and Biceps Workout For Mass

Reverse Bicep Curls and eccentric reps.Biceps

Reverse Bicep Curl – Lot’s of people confuse the Reverse Biceps Curl with Zottman Curls.  They’re not the same.

How to Do Them:  

1.  With your workout gloves on, grab a barbell with both hands using a pronated grip (palms facing downwards).

2. Stand upright squeezing your abs tight and allowing your arms and the weight to naturally hang in front of you.  You might not think of abs when doing a biceps curl, but the heavier your weight becomes if your abs aren’t tight you’ll find yourself being pulled down by the weight versus pulling the weight up to you.

3.  Slowly bring your hands up towards your chest.  Pause for moment and lower back to starting position.  You’ve just completed one rep!

Why they’re awesome for building mass:

A Reverse Bicep Curl focuses attention on the negative or downward motion of the exercise.  This is where you’re stretching and extending the muscle.  Negative training allows you to overload the muscle group you’re training because your muscles can actually lower more weight than they can lift.  Generally speaking you recruit more muscle fibers to complete the exercise when you’re focusing on eccentric or negative reps.