Best Crossfit Gloves

CrossFit Gloves – Protect Your Hands

Best Crossfit Gloves

Crossfit Gloves protect your hands from the beating that your crossfit workouts give em!

What is a CrossFit Workout?

For those of you not familiar with crossfit workouts, here’s the 411.  First of all while the term crossfit workout seems to be used rather generically it actually originates from CrossFit Inc., which is the fitness company that developed the program.

By definition a crossfit workout refers to a mix of aerobic exercise, Olympic style weight lifting, body weight training, and gymnastics. Crossfit workouts are also referred to as HIIT or high intensity interval training. High intensity interval training refers to working out by alternating short intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods.

During a crossfit workout you’re performing an intense and quick paced series of exercises.  You may find that with those exercises which require the use of weights such as kettlebell exercises or deadlifts, you require a better grip and a glove to protect your hands.

Will I lose weight or gain muscle from a crossfit workout?

Body composition is determined by your diet as well as your exercise routine.  Just joining a bootcamp or crossfit class won’t necessarily sculpt those six pack abs you’ve been working towards or help build bigger biceps. Anytime you introduce a new workout into your lifestyle you’ll likely lose weight provided you’re not increasing your caloric intake as well.

What is crossfit glove?

Basically whatever you choose to use to protect your hands from the grueling workouts that crossfit is about, could be considered a crossfit glove.

GymPaws™ crossfit gloves are idea for these bootcamp like workouts because they don’t interfere with your natural movement.  Traditional weight lifting gloves or workout gloves tend to constrict the hand.  In addition they absorb sweat and can quickly begin to smell!

GymPaws™ crossfit gloves fit right in the palm of your hands.  The slightly padded leather palm protects your hands from the friction that can cause calluses.  The backing of a pair of GymPaws™ crossfit gloves is constructed from high quality Neoprene, which is the material that scuba diving suits is made from!  The four finger loop design insures that they stay in place and you don’t lose your grip!

Whether you’re doing an intense bootcamp workout, HIIT or a crossfit workout, be sure you’re working out your body and not your hands!  Don’t let nasty calluses or beat up hands be your excuse to not workout!