Show Your Gluteus Maximus

What Is The Biggest Muscle Group In The Human Body

You can spend hours tossing weights around in the gym or busting out rep after rep in your Crossfit class, but if you don’t have a specific fitness goal for your routine you may be doing little more than burning calories.  If your goal is to lean out and burn extra body fat then you are on track.  If packing on muscle and developing a long lasting energy burning powerhouse, then you have to switch things up a bit.  Focus on the larger muscle groups to get the most out of your weightlifting or exercise routine. 

What Is The Biggest Muscle Group In The Human Body

If we’re talking about volume alone, the gluteus maximus takes the prize.  Yes we’re talking about your butt. Most people just refer to them as the glutes.  They are the engine of the smaller muscles of the hip and they serve to stabilize your core, pelvis and lower back.  So not only are they the major force to propel and stop the body, they are the anchor for the other major muscle groups.  Often times when a client tells me they’ve been experiencing lower back pain, after evaluating their lifestyle habits and exercise routine, the issue is almost always weak glutes and hamstrings.
Biggest Muscle Group Of Body
While you may not think that you need a good pair of workout gloves for lower body or butt exercises but you do.  Any time that your gripping anything in the gym or weightlifting room hand protection can benefit your workout provided you are choosing the best pair.  GymPaws® are created, developed and manufactured by a team of exercise and fitness professionals. We know of which we speak.  Check out  for our full line of products you can buy online here on the website using your Amazon, PayPal or credit card at checkout.
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If you’re just beginning to add lower body exercises to your workout routine, you can’t go wrong with a basic squat.  You can begin at home just using your own bodyweight.  If you want to try out some moves at the gym, go to the smith machine and practice squats without any weight plates.  Having a workout partner or Personal Trainer there in the beginning to coach you on proper form is a good idea.  Unfortunately it is difficult to watch your lateral positioning yourself because the mirrors in the gym are usually in front of you and facing forward you don’t get a good perspective.

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