The Chest Explosion Workout | Cable Crossover Superset

The Chest Explosion Workout | Cable Crossover Superset

Exercise Video Demo:  Building muscle and getting a chiseled chest isn’t easy for everyone.  Like with any other muscle group, mixing up your workout and adding variation is key to assuring that you’re constantly challenging the muscle and forcing it to adapt and grow.  This Cable Crossover Superset “Chest Explosion Workout” will get you pumped up in no time!

Cable Crossover Superset

You’re going to be incorporating 3 different movements with this superset.  It’s a really efficient chest workout because you don’t need to rerack weights or move around the weight room!  You’re only using the Cable Crossover Machine.

High Cable Crossover

1.  With the cable pulleys set to the highest position, grab a handle in each hand.

2.  Pull back your shoulder blades with a relaxed or slight bend in your elbows.

3.  Pull the handles in a wide arc to the center of your body, squeeze the pecs for a moment and return to the starting position without allowing the weights to touch the stack.

4. Complete 8 repetitions.

Chest Level Cable Crossover

1.  Without resting, move the pulleys so that they are about in line with your chest.  Grab a handle with each hand and perform the same movement bringing your hands to the front of your chest.  Complete 8 repetitions.

 Low Cable Crossover

1.  Again without resting, move each of the pulleys to the lowest position on the rack. Grab a handle in each hand and bring your hands together in front of you.

2.  Imagine that you’re “scooping” something up.  Don’t raise your hands higher than chest level. Complete 8 repetitions.

Cable Crossover Superset – Tips

♠  Keep your abs tight at all times.  Your core muscles are stabilizing you throughout the movement.

♠  A staggered stance is ideal versus standing with each foot side by side.

♠  You don’t need to change the amount of weight you’re lifting with each of the variations.  Choose a weight that is challenging for you, without being too heavy that it is pulling you out of proper position.