Svend Chest Press Exercise Video Demo

Svend Chest Press – Exercise Video Demo

Think you’ve done every Chest Press exercise there is to master?  Well you probably haven’t tried the Svend Chest Press yet!  It requires no dumbbell, bars, or benches, and technically you can even do it without a weight! Check out this exercise video demo…

The Forgotten Chest Press

I heard someone call this the forgotten chest press, but for most of you it’s probably better described as the “never heard of before” chest press!

You can really do this exercise anywhere, and with just about anything as the “weight” because it is actually more of an isometric exercise.

How To Do It:

1. Grab two plates or even a medicine ball and hold it in front of you in line with your chest.

2. Squeeze your pecs together as you slowly push your hands out in front of you.  Pause and return to starting position for one complete rep.

Note: Using a heavier weight isn’t really going to give you a better chest burn.  Adding too much weight to the Svend Chest Press will only cause your shoulders to do more work similar to that of a plate raise.