Dumbbell Lateral Raise for Boulder Shoulders!

Dumbbell Lateral Raise for Boulder Shoulders!

Get Boulder Shoulders Exercise Video Demo:  You can’t get Boulder Shoulders without working the Lateral Deltoids!  There’s no better way to cap off all the hard work you’ve done building bigger biceps, than adding some well developed shoulders to that gym bod. The Dumbbell Raise is a must have exercise for your shoulder workout.  Here are some tips…

Dumbbell Lateral Raise Using Incline Bench

1.  Grab a lower to moderate weight dumbbell in each hand and have a seat on the incline bench.

2.  The starting position begins with your arms straight down and slightly extended out to your sides.

3.  Inhale and elevate your arms until they’re shoulder height or slightly above.

4.  On the exhale, lower the weights back down to the starting position.

Dumbbell Lateral Raise Tips

–  When your arms are at a dead hang at your sides, you’re not engaging the lateral delts.  By starting from a slightly elevated position you’re creating constant tension on the delts.

–  As you raise your arms slightly rotate your thumbs towards the ceiling if can do so without discomfort.  This will fire up the rear delts a bit as well.

–  Using an incline bench allows for your spine and head to maintain a neutral position, versus with the standard straight back bench that you may be more familiar with.

–  Of course having a pair of the best gym gloves will help you to maintain a secure grip on the dummbell and allow you to focus on proper form!