Reverse Flys With Dumbbells

Reverse Flys With Dumbbells – Exercise Video Demo

Reverse Flys With DumbbellsTraining the rear delts (Posterior Deltoids) is an important component of any shoulder workout.  Developing the rear delts can be challenging because it’s a very small muscle which is tough to isolate without engaging the upper back muscles as well.  Reverse Flys with Dumbbells are a great exercise for the rear delts.  Here’s an exercise video demo…

Reverse Flys With Dumbbells

1. Stand behind an incline bench and assume a wide stance. Shift your hips back and lower yourself down similar to a squat stance. Rest your upper chest slightly on bench.

2. Rotate your hand position so pinkie finger is pointing up and thumbs are pointing down towards the floor. Inhale and raise your arms up towards the ceiling.

3. Lower the weights down in a slow and controlled movement until you reach 3/4 to original starting position. This completes one rep.

Tips for Reverse Flys with Dumbbells

– You should only be using the bench to stabilize your upper body, you’re not laying on it or resting your full body weight.

–  To maintain constant muscle tension, avoid lowering the weights to the starting “hang position” while completing your reps.

–  A pair of workout gloves or lifting grips will help you keep a solid grip on the weights and avoid and slipping.