2020 Guide Best Workout Glove For Gym Newbies

With a new year comes New Year’s Resolutions. 2020 Guide Best Workout Glove For Gym Newbies or seasoned pros will hopefully help you choose the best product without wasting your hard earned money.

As a Personal Trainer myself it was important for me to build GymPaws as a company of a collective team of trainers, exercise and fitness pros, as well as athletes and coaches. We don’t just make products, we design solutions.

You won’t find cheaply made workout gear here and tens of thousands of worldwide customer reviews certainly can’t be wrong!

Sexy Weight Lifting Gloves for Girls or Guys

There aren’t a lot of out of the box creative minds in the sporting goods industries.  In fact until the early 2000’s with the popularity of Crossfit almost nothing changed when it came to fitness gear or the workout glove.  Even then, manufactures basically just took traditional bodybuilding weight lifting gloves and made lame tweaks.

Frilly patterns and candy colors emerged for girls, and guys were lucky to see ANY variation at all.

Our workout options have evolved over the decades.  The 1970’s brought us the rise of the hardcore bodybuilder and power lifters.  Think Arnold Schwarzenegger. Thanks to a mishap business decision that almost never was, Jane Fonda inadvertently made aerobics and leg warmers the fitness craze of the 1980’s.

The 90’s introduced us to Spinning, Tae Bo, Buns of Steel and The Thighmaster.

What did not change however is the good ole weight lifting room at the gym.  A 20 pound dumbell still weighs 20 pounds, and the best gym gloves for your workout didn’t look much different than before.  Until GymPaws®… here’s how I did it.

2020 Guide Best Workout Glove For Gym Newbies

I deconstructed the best gym glove, and discarded the excess material that makes sweaty hands sweatier. Then I studied the design. Just as everyone has unique penmanship, our exercise technique varies as well.  Above all else, it was important to me that GymPaws were the most efficient and ergonomically correct version of hand protection.

Finally I painstakingly labored over material choices. The result was a slightly padded premium leather hand pad, supported by military grade hydrophobic Neoprene blend material.  4 precisely placed finger loops assured that my new version of a gym glove… actually felt like a glove!

You’ve likely seen MANY knock offs of our original lifting grips.  Some of these grip pads are made from cheap rubbery material.  The concept is that the tacky surface “sticks” to the weight offering you a better grip.  This is not only a fallacy but it could lead to injury during your exercise routine.

Hands and your grip should naturally rotate around the bar or weight that you’re holding  When this rotation in inhibited, your grip and wrist may suffer undue tension, not to mention your overall form is gonna suck.

GymPaws  products are made from 100% Premium Grade Napa Finish Cowhide Leather.  The vegetable oil tanning process is what makes them moisture resistant and conforming to your individual palm / grip.

They have four finger loops which means that they fit like a glove.  They won’t slip around or fall off.  You can transition from one exercise to another in your Crossfit WOD or weight lifting room with confidence that you don’t look like a dork.