Weight Lifting Gloves Reviews

Best Weight Lifting Gloves For Bodybuilding

Weight Lifting Gloves Reviews

It’s officially 2016 and the Best Weight Lifting Gloves for Bodybuilding are the ones that get your butt into the gym!  Millions of us make our New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight, build muscle, eat better, and live a healthier lifestyle.  The sad thing is that by April, nearly 50% of us will have already given up on our new found fitness and exercise goals.  You need to workout smarter, not just harder.  Having the coolest fitness or bodybuilding gear isn’t going to help much if it’s sitting in your gym bag in the closet!  Our Certified Personal Trainers have put together a list of which lifting gloves are worth your time, and which aren’t worth a dime!

Best Weight Lifting Gloves For Bodybuilding

Towards the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, the man who is now regarded as the “father of bodybuilding” Eugen Sandow actually coined the phrase bodybuilding.  A former circus performer mesmerizing fans with his feats of strength at local fairs and gatherings, Eugen Sandow began incorporating bodybuilding poses into his routine, many of which are still used in bodybuilding competitions today.  In 1901 he organized and promoted the world’s first bodybuilding competition.

You can search for more information about Eugen online to discover more interesting fitness and weight lifting facts if you’re so inclined, but we can tell you one thing with certainty.  If Eugen Sandow were alive today, there’s not doubt that he would join the ranks with hoards of other fans to coin GymPaws® as the Best Weight Lifting Gloves For Bodybuilding!

Here’s what you need to know before you buy your next pair of gym gloves, lifting grips, or crossfit gloves online:

Weight Lifting Pads For Grip

Look at the material.  Most gloves manufacturers like to use synthetic materials and faux leather, simply put because it’s cheaper that real leather.  GymPaws products always use the highest quality top grain cowhide leather. Even worse are the cheap rubbery grip pads that fall apart almost as fast as you can use them!

Decide which type of gloves you want.  In 2016 there actually IS a difference between a Bodybuilding Glove, Lifting Grip or Gym Glove.  Just like there are sport specific gloves for Football, Baseball, and even NASCAR.

Bodybuilding gloves tend to be bulkier with more padding.  This can actually interfere with your form as they may inhibit movement.

Lifting Grips allow for more freedom of motion, but sometimes lack the functionality of full bodybuilding gloves.

So what are the Best Weight Lifting Gloves For Bodybuilding?

You really have to read some weight lifting gloves reviews and decide for yourself.  We can tell you that at GymPaws Inc, our workout gloves, lifting grips, straps, and fitness gear are designed by a team of Certified Personal Trainers, Exercise Physiologists and Bodybuilders.  We design and sell products for performance over profit.

We value our customer’s opinions.  When you’re searching gym gloves reviews on Amazon for example, look for those that cite specific uses or exercises, don’t just go by the number of reviews!  Many knock off manufactuers got caught red handed buying their reviews!  Better yet, ask a personal trainer or bodybuilding pro at your local gym.  Be sure you can return them if you don’t like them as well.Weight Lifting Gloves Reviews