Pink crossfit gloves

Pink Workout Gloves


Pink Workout Gloves and Pink Crossfit GlovesPink Workout Gloves can be tough to find since more weightlifting gloves seem to be made and marketing to men.  GymPaws Pink Workout Gloves however are one of the reasons that GymPaws® are the #1 Top Rated Workout Glove on Amazon!  

Here’s Why GymPaws Pink Workout Gloves are Better:

1. They’re Real Leather.  Most other lifting grips and workout gloves are made with cheap imitation leather or flimsy fabric.  Even worse, some are made from spongy rubber material that tears apart!Pink crossfit gloves

2. They’re less bulky that full hand workout gloves.  GymPaws Leather Lifting grips fit right in the palm of your hands where you need protection against the callus causing pressure and friction that weightlifting or crossfit workouts can cause.   You don’t have to take these on and off because they don’t get in the way.  They’re perfect as crossfit gloves!

3. 4 Finger Loop Neoprene Fabric.  The back of a pair of GymPaws® Pink Workout Gloves are made from Neoprene fabric.  This material naturally wicks away sweat and is moisture resistant.

4. Washable workout gloves.  Yup!  When you get home from the gym and you toss those smelly sweaty gym clothes into the wash machine and dryer, you can toss your Pink Workout Gloves in there too!  It’s completely safe!

5. Womens workout gloves and Mens Workout Gloves.  GymPaws are unisex in design and sizing so they’re loved by men or women!

6. Pay with Amazon.  That’s right, now you can use your Amazon account to pay for your Pink Workout Gloves right from the GymPaws website!