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3 Exercises To Add To Your Weightlifting or Crossfit Workout

A typical weightlifting workout usually consists of basic resistance training using free weights, resistance (weight) machines, or less frequently bodyweight movements. Whereas a Crossfit WOD (workout of the day) incorporates exercises borrowed from the world's of power bodybuilding, gymnastics, and endurance athletes. 3 exercises to add to your weightlifting or Crossfit workout regardless of what your specific workout entails which you're more than likely not doing.  Hint: you don't even need gym gloves for them.

3 Exercises To Add To Your Weightlifting or Crossfit Workout

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Lower Ab Exercises

In a typical Crossfit WOD you may doing some hanging leg raises or Crossfit Knees To Elbows.  However if your day to day weightlifting pattern at the gym you're most likely not working the lower abs. It's so important to not only train these muscle groups but to stretch and keep them flexible. The majority of us sit at a desk for hours per day for work and then even more hours sitting in commute to for leisure browsing social media or watching TV and the hip flexors are prone to getting tight and inflexible. Under trained hip flexors and lower abs result in poor posture and alignment of the spine which compromises your form in almost every exercise you do. 

Upper Back and Shoulder Exercises

Of the 3 Exercises To Add To Your Weightlifting or Crossfit Workout, this could be the most important! Again, relating to your daily activities (or inactivities) your poor posture is definitely a result of you being hunched over a desk, mobile device, or steering wheel for hours everyday.  Start training, and opening up the huge muscles of the upper back. 

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