Crossfit Workouts At Home

Crossfit Workouts At Home – The Gloves Are Off

Despite the seemingly instantaneous popularity of Crossfit Workouts a couple of years ago, they are really nothing new.  The founders simply created and trademarked a brand name for their particular packaging of a series of exercises and routines.  High intensity interval training has been around since athletes have been looking for ways to break a sweat and test their endurance.  It is a great fitness routine to burn body fat and build muscle and there are Crossfit workouts at home you can do with little gear other than a pair of gym crossfit gloves.

Crossfit Workouts At Home

If you’ve been to a Crossfit box, which is a stripped down version of a gym weightlifting room, it may seem intimidating at first.  The reality however is that many of the movements performed are bodyweight exercises that you can do at home.

  1. Lunges – You want to tighten up that butt and pack on some lower body muscle? Lunges are a great exercise.  No equipment or workout gloves or even weights are needed.  Do them in your backyard, a park, or right in your living room.
  2. Pull ups – This should be a no brainer.  All you need is a bar and you can even shop Amazon and find one that fits in the doorway of your home. btw GymPaws were originally popularized as a favorite option as crossfit gloves because they fit in the palm of your hands, don’t make you sweat, and they don’t need to be taken on and off.  People began using them as pull ups gloves for Crossfit and they’ve been a top seller ever since.  You can also find them on Amazon at
  3. Push ups – If you don’t have the strength or endurance to do a full set of push ups you can start by doing incline pushups using your kitchen counter.  As you get stronger and build muscle you can lower the incline used or simply get down on the floor and bust out a couple reps.
  4. Core exercises – Crossfit workouts at home or at a gym will always include some core movements.  Your abs and muscles of the lower back and hip flexors are responsible for stabilizing the body during any movement.  Basic crunches or bicycle kicks will do the trick.

Crossfit For Beginners

Crossfit workouts at home don’t require expensive memberships, equipment, or even workout gloves or grips.  Check out YouTube for some ideas and put together an exercise routine you can do from home.  The goal is simply to keep challenging yourself and stay consistent and committed if you want to shed away body fat and reveal a hard tight bod!