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One of the most popular fitness hashtags is #girlswholift and it definitely should be!  Most people assume that guys hit the gym to build muscle, and women go to the gym to lose weight.  That couldn't be further from the truth. Especially in 2017 you may see just as many girls in the weight training room as you do guys!

#girlswholift Meaning

This hashtag needs no explaining.  You'll see it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and any Social Media platform. It's commonly used in the description of the infamous #gymselfie to show progress made sweating it out in the gym or Crossfit class. 

2017 #girlswholift

Doing hours of cardio training isn't going to give you a lean physique.  Ask any Personal Trainer and they'll tell you that whatever your 2017 fitness goal, whether it be weight loss of muscle gain, bulging biceps or a bumpin booty, a fit tight body starts in the gym.  It begins with your diet and  the fuel you use to power through those workouts at the gym. 

2017 Girls Who Lift

Hot Crossfit Girls are a popular search online because people want to see some #fitspo motivational pics and Crossfit is a popular workout.  HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) isn't anything new, it's been part of the weightlifting and professional athlete training routines for decades.  Lucky for us tho, Crossfit repackaged it and made it mainstream!  That's one of the reasons GymPaws® Original Leather Weightlifting Grips were voted Best Crossfit Gloves 2017.

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#girlswholift sometimes worry that if they lift too often or too much weight, that they're going to get big and bulky.  I haven't met a girl yet who said that she wants to get huge… which is the mantra of most guys sweating it out in the weight room.  Women's physiology is different that a guys.  Their bodies are not "programmed" to put on excess muscle thanks to that lil hormone Testosterone.