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What Are The Best Gloves for Crossfit?

Best Gloves for CrossfitWell it’s no secret anymore what are the best gloves for crossfit!  GymPaws Lifting Grips have been the top rated exercise glove on Amazon for the past year and a half.  So what’s the big deal and why are diehard crossfitters falling in love with GymPaws? Read all about it, and check out these hot crossfit girls for a little #fitspo! 

Best Gloves for Crossfit

1. They’re Leather.  Just like a pair of gym shoes, GymPaws are made from real leather – not imitation vinyl or rubber or fabric.  What material do you think is going to hold up to a ball bustin’ sweat inducing #wod?  That’s right… leather!

2. GymPaws Lifting Grip Pads are 100% machine washable and dry-able.  So when you get home with your sweaty pile of gym clothes, you can toss your gympaws right in the washing machine along with these well worn threads!Best Crossfit GLoves, Best workout gloves

3. Four finger loops for your four fingers.   Some Lifting Grips like Power Pads or Big Back are nothing more than a piece of rubber.  How is that supposed to stay in place when you’re doing knees to elbows or kipping pull ups?!  They don’t.   Other lifting grips like to call themselves the best gloves for crossfit … which might be true if you only had two or three fingers, because that’s all they seem to account for with 2-3 finger loops.

4. They’re discreet and fit right in the palm of your hands!   No extra material, no extra bulk.  Because GymPaws fit right in the palm of your hands you don’t need to take them on and off between exercises.  You don’t have to take them off at all!

Crossfit Hand Protection, You’ll avoid getting calluses by wearing some sort of crossfit hand protection.  Hand taping is a pain in the butt, and chaulk is pretty much useless.  If you like full finger workout gloves or better described half finger workout gloves… we have those too!