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Warm Up Routine Before Lifting

Mens Weight lifting gloves

If you’re like most guys or girls in the gym you don’t dedicate enough time to your warm up routine before lifting.  Most consider tossing their stuff in the locker and grabbing a drink of water to be their warm up and they jump right into their first set.  Whether you choose to believe it or not, if you don’t have a solid warm up routine before lifting, you’re holding yourself back!  Specific warm up routines are not just for elite or professional athletes.  The average gym goer and weekend warrior will benefit from a quick warm up as well.

Here’s 3 Basic points you want to incorporate into your Warm Up Routine Before Lifting:

First, you want to get the juices flowin and blood pumping.  A quick aerobic activity like jump roping is perfect.  Any type of exercise that will target the muscles you’ll be training that day will suffice. You’re raising your body’s core temperature and sending oxygen rich blood to your muscles.  You’re not focusing on weight lifting yet or working out.  Just like you grab a cup of coffee first thing in the am to wake you up, your aerobic warm up is just to send some information to your muscles and “waking them up” and tellin em to get ready for a workout!

Next on your list should be some static and dynamic stretching.   Static stretching refers to performing a stretch and holding it.  It’s generally accepting that 30 seconds in the minimum duration to hold a static stretch to get the most benefit.   For example bending down to touch your toes and pausing for 30 seconds would be a good example of a static stretch. Dynamic stretching involves more movement and is perferred by most sport specific trainers as it prepares the body by mimicking movements you’re about to perform in your workout.  A combination is a good idea as well.

Lastly you want to ease into your workout by performing the exercises a few times without your peak weight.  For example doing a few plyometric box jumps to warm up before hitting squats or your leg routine.

A solid warm up routine before lifting doesn’t have to be time consuming.  You’ll benefit from even a quick 5- 10 minute workout.  Not only is it ideal to get your body prepared for a grueling workout, but you’ll find it will help you to be more mentally focused as well.