Best Gifts For Fitness

Why A Vitamix Is The Best Fitness Gift Idea

Best Gifts For Fitness

We've written a lot of blog posts about why GymPaws® gym gloves are a great present for someone who works out, but we'd be remiss if we didn't mention other options.  If you have a exercise and fitness fanatic on your shopping list or something who's health conscious, we're going to tell you why a Vitamix is the best fitness gift idea!

The Best Fitness Gift Ideas Are No Brainers

You're not going to buy workout clothes for someone as a present.  You don't really know what style they might be partial to, or what size they prefer or how it's going to fit.  Definitely don't buy gym shoes, because well who does that?! You could buy them a pair of gym gloves but most of the options are just crappy knock offs of another.  GymPaws® are a great alternative to gym gloves because they're unisex.  Just pick a cool color and for $20 they're something that the recipient will probably use everyday.  Men or women, personal trainers or a gym newbie. 

Why A Vitamix Is The Best Fitness Gift Idea

Best Fitness Gift idea

Well first off you're going to be spending more than $20 on this gift. You can get a great one for about $300.  This is something that the person to whom you gift it, is going to use everyday.  Forget juicers, those are a pain in the butt to use.  Plus you end up throwing away all the fiber, and they are way too time consuming.  Nutra Bullets or whatever the crap those things are aren't worth the money.  They have the motor of a hair dryer. 

Vitamix Present Gym

With a Vitamix you can literally toss anything into it and within a minute or two you have one of the healthiest meals you can eat!  Forget post workout drinks or weightlifting supplements, you will get no better nutrition from eating every molecule of raw vegetables and fruits.  I like to have the same "base" for most of my smoothies either before or after the gym.  Half and apple, bandanna, kale, cucumber, carrot, frozen blueberries or strawberries and a scoop of non flavored protein powder. 

It's also so versatile that you can make other healthy meals with it too. Toss in a bag of frozen Roasted Corn from Trader Joes, 2 cups of chicken broth, a pinch of salt and thyme and set it to the soup setting. In 7 minutes you a couple of bowls of steaming deliciousness!

Gym Gloves Fitness Gift

These are only a couple of reasons why a Vitamix is the best fitness gift idea in my opinion.  If you're on a budget and want something more affordable, then grab a pair of gym paws workout gloves!  You can buy here on the website and checkout using your Amazon account, or Paypal or credit card, or you can buy Amazon directly at