Gloves for Rowing

Rowing Machine Gloves

Gloves for Rowing

Your Personal Trainer likely has you jump on the rowing machine as soon as you hit the gym or after your workout, because it's a great piece of cardio equipment for a warm up or cool down. Aside from a good way to warm up your body before a workout, there are HUGE benefits of rowing machines that many people don't take advantage of. Rowing machine gloves are only one component of a great workout, here are some of the other benefits of this overlooked exercise. 

Benefits of Rowing Machines

It's funny how many people in 2016 still don't appreciate the benefits of rowing machines and the total body workouts they offer!  Often viewed as simply another piece of cardio exercise equipment, rowing machines are far more than that!  They can help you sculpt some serious muscle, along with being a great cardio workout, which is something that most of the other "cardio" machines cannot say.  Aside from a pair of rowing machine gloves, there's really nothing special that you need in terms of fitness gear. 

Rowing Exercises

  1. A rowing workout is considered low impact.  An exercise is considered low impact when it doesn't require you to use your full bodyweight in order to complete the movement.  For example, running and jogging is considered high impact because your full bodyweight is slamming to the ground or treadmill. 
  2. You can get a good cardio workout from a rowing machine session.  Because it engages every major muscle group of the body, it requires you to challenge your V02 max while raising your heartrate. 
  3. It truly is an awesome workout to build muscle!  While you may think you need to hit the weight room or focus on weight lifting to build muscle, that's not always the case.  However, if you are including a rowing into your lifting routine, you can use a pair of GymPaws Rowing Machine Gloves without giving it a second thought!  The same weight lifting grips that you use for bodybuilding are the perfect options to use a rowing gloves too!

Rowing Machine Gloves and Exercises

The rowing machine is far more versatile than most people think.  While it may look like one movement, it's actually one of the ONLY pieces of "cardio" equipment that utilizes every major muscle group of the body. 

There are four elements to the actual movement require when rowing.  The Catch, Drive, Finish, and Recovery.  You can read more detailed information about which each of these elements is in our post How To Use A Rowing Machine

Grip Pads For Weight Lifting

While you wouldn't necessarily think of setting out to buy Rowing Machine Gloves to add to your gym bag, if you ask any rowing athlete they'll tell you that some sort of hand protection is ideal.  Grips will help you avoid the calluses that can be caused from the friction of holding the rowing handle, just as they help you avoid calluses from weightlifting. 

In addition, a pair of real leather grips like our original GymPaws, gloves will help enhance your physical grip which can boost the effectiveness of your workout!

Gloves For Rowing Exercises