Best Weight Lifting Gloves

Weight Lifting Gloves For Cable Crossovers

Best Weight Lifting Gloves

Reverse cable crossovers are one of the best exercises to strengthen the muscles of the shoulders, upper back and rotator cuff.  Wearing a good pair of weight lifting gloves is key because you want to assure that you’re maintaining a slip free grip.  As with any exercise, proper form is key.

Weight Lifting Gloves

Best Workout Gloves 2014 GymPaws

  • GymPaws Weight Lifting Gloves are made from Genuine Leather.  No faux leather materials or knock offs.  These will be the most durable.
  • 4 finger loops on the Neoprene backing assure they stay in place and won’t move around or fall off.
  • Neoprene naturally wicks away sweat, so you don’t have to worry about slipping.

Reverse Cable Crossovers

This video shows the Reverse Cable Fly Low to High using the Freemotion Machine, but you can also use a standard cable machine.

Remember these tips for the Reverse Cable Crossover:

Don’t skimp! Get the best weight lifting gloves you can afford.  Your hands will thank you for it!

Use slow and controlled movements, especially with new exercises or fitness routines that are new for you.

When it doubt, talk it out!  Find a personal trainer in your gym or crossfit box and have them show you proper form.