Weight Lifting Pads For Grip

Weight Lifting Pads for Grip

Weight Lifting Pads For Grip

Building muscle or having a lean fit body isn’t easy for everybody.  Genetics of course plays a role in determining what goals you can achieve from working out, but even moreso is your lifestyle choices.  The time of year is fast approachiing when millions of people resolve to hit the weight room, cardio machines, or what have you, in an effort to trim back the pounds or build some muscle.  Almost just as many people will be looking for exercise and fitness gear and equipment hoping it will somehow make their efforts easier.  Whether you’re searching for a new pair of crossfit gloves or weight lifting pads for grip, we got you covered. Here’s a list of the best and the rest (and btw they’re also some great fitness gift ideas too.)

Weight Lifting Pads For Grip

There is a difference between the grip of a glove (or pad) and the grip as it refers to the strength of your hand.  Both are nouns, however they are erroneously used interchangeably.

Grip as it refers to strength:  There are over 35 muscles of the hand and forearm that involved in create the strength of your grip or grasp.  From shaking hands with someone, to opening a door, to grabbing hold of a barbell, your grip is important.  Here’s a great article from one of our personal trainers on how to increase grip strength.

Grip as it refers to an object:  The grip of a dumbbell for example will like have a texture on it where your hand grasps it.  This is meant to create a tactile sensation for the user, but in reality it offers no additional control on the weight, and that’s where some weight lifting pads for grip will be helpful.

Grip pads are helpful for weight training IF they’re the right type of hand pads.

You DON’t want spongy rubber gripads or “power pads” that are nothing more than a modified version of a mouse pad.  Not only do they fall apart after a few uses (which is why they’re sold in bulk) but there is no way for them to stay in place on your hands.  That’s more annoying that having to take a pair of gym gloves on and off between every set.

Weight Lifting Pads For Grip

You DO want lifting pads that are made from Leather.  Leather is the most durable material that you can find when it comes to exercise and fitness gear.  You’ll also find that it will break in and conform to your specific hand over time.

You DO want gym gloves or hand pads that have finger loops.  You have 4 fingers and your weight lifting pads for grip should have 4 finger loops.  This will assure that the grip stays in place so you don’t compromise form.

Gym Hand Pads For Grip