best weight lifting gloves 2014

Best Weight Lifting Gloves 2014

best weight lifting gloves 2014You probably spend time finding a good pair of tennis shoes for working out.  Some of you may even put some effort into what you wear to workout.  It’s a good bet however that very few of you actually put any thought into which weight lifting gloves would be the best for you.  For the past two years GymPaws® have been the #1 Top Rated Best Weight Lifting Gloves – but what does 2014 have in store?  Read on my friend, read on…

Best Weight Lifting Gloves

You may have read the reviews on Amazon, on this website or anywhere else across the web and already know customers have ranked GymPaws as the best weight lifting gloves.  The reason customers seem to like them so much is that they’re really the “un glove,” and probably better qualify as a lifting grip.  GymPaws® were designed to take the bulky weight lifting glove out of the picture and still provide you with the crossfit hand protection or weight lifting hand protection that you need.  Their minimalist design is perfect:

1. The Leather Lifting Palm is very slightly padded, and it’s designed to fit right in the palm of your hands right where you need protection against calluses causing weights and friction.

2. The Neoprene Backing and 4 Finger Loops assure that GymPaws® stay in place, even through the toughest workouts.

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While GymPaws® have literally reached every corner of the globe – we realize that may not be for everyone!  There are still those hardcore meat head old school weight lifting fans out there who practically live in their weight lifting gloves. For you we have designed the ultimate “best weight lifting gloves” and we call it “The GymRat.”

The GymRat Weight Lifting Gloves are like nothing you’ve ever tried.  They are made from super soft WASHABLE suede and high-tech Ventilator Mesh Fabric.  Why is this important?  Because unlike virtually every weight lifting glove on the market, The GymRat by GymPaws® won’t make your hands sweaty!  And as if that weren’t great enough… you can wash and dry em just like you would your gym clothes.  Say goodbye to the crusty, smelly, nasty weightlifting gloves for good!