Best Weight Lifting Gloves 2015

Best Weight Lifting Gloves 2015

GymPaws The Best Weight Lifting Gloves

Video Review:  If you’re asking what are the best weightlifting gloves, congratulations that means that you’re starting to take your workouts seriously!  When it comes to hand protection for the gym or Crossfit you need to do a little research before you go out just buying anything.

Best Weight Lifting Gloves 2015

♠  What type of workouts will you be using them for?  This is the most important thing to consider with any gym gloves.  If you’re taking bootcamp or circuit training classes like Crossfit then you want something that is super versatile! Look for something like GymPaws® original Leather Lifting Grips.  They protect your hands from callus causing friction, while both easing hand fatigue and improving your grip.  If you plan on sweating it out in a Crossfit box, then you’ll also appreciate that they won’t let your hands get all sweaty and gross.

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♠  What material are they made from?  Most of the so called best weight lifting gloves are made from synthetic materials simply because they’re cheaper to manufacture.  The guys that make these gloves don’t really care if or how you workout, they just wanna get their hands on your money!  The Swolemate Gym Gloves by GymPaws® are made from 100% genuine cowhide leather.  So just like a pair of gym shoes, you know they’re going to be durable.  They’re also the only glove that is inspired by high end driving gloves.  You’ll appreciate the tapered wrist and thumb-holes.  These really fit like a glove!

♠  What’s the return policy if you don’t like them?  Sure you may only be spending $20 or $30 on a pair of gloves, but if you’re not going to like them then that’s a total waste of money!  GymPaws® has a 100% No Hassle Satisfaction guarantee policy… because we want you to try em out!  One of our newest creations is The V02Max weight lifting glove. These are already becoming one of the best weight lifting gloves 2015!  The padded suede palm is uber comfortable and the leather and ventilator mesh accents don’t restrict movement so they’re another very versatile glove.

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When you buy your new weight lifting gloves from you get FREE SHIPPING and a Satisfaction Guarantee.  They ship direct from the manufactuer in sunny Venice Beach (aka Muscle Beach) California!