BLUE Gym Gloves – What Does Blue Say About You?

Blue Gym GlovesDoes it really matter if you wear Blue Gym Gloves to the gym or another color?  While you might be rolling your eyes right now just reading that question… hold up!  There is some actual science behind what colors we choose to wear and surround ourselves with.  So what does blue say about you?

In astrology the color blue represents thoughtfulness and focus. It is believed that a blue aura personality exhibits very positive qualities like a supportive and accepting nature.  Blue also represents the Throat Chakra or the 5th Chakra which relates to personal expression, faith, and decision making.

So let’s say you don’t believe in any of this “spiritual” stuff.   There are real psychological studies that have identified and qualified personality traits and assigned them a color.   It’s called the Hartman Personality Profile.¹ This theory defines 4 personality colors, Red, Blue, White, and Yellow.  “Blues” are considered stable, passionate and motivated and.  They tend to be creative and loyal.  On a less positive side, Blues are the most controlling of the four colors and tend to be moody.  So what about about those Blue Gym Gloves?  Blue Gym Gloves

The color blue has a calming affect on people.  It also represents trust and security (which is why so many Bank and Financial Institutions have blue logos).  There definitely is a psychological indicators and triggers that are associated with color.  Color Theory is practiced and engaged more than you know when it comes to consumer products and marketing. Facebook, Twitter, Amazon… all blue logos.  Why?  Because you can trust them with your money, credit cards, and personal information (or so they want you to feel).

Blue Gym Gloves

–  GymPaws® are made from 100% Leather which is the most durable material for fitness gloves and products.

– The compact design profile eliminates the need for a full glove!  The slightly padded palm eases pressure on the hand and prevents calluses, while the 4 finger loops keep them in place – they fit like a glove!

– GymPaws Gym Gloves are moisture resistant and can be tossed right in the washing machine and dryer along with your sweaty gym clothes.

– Whether you use them for weight lifting or circuit training you’ll appreciate that they don’t get in the way.  They’re not hot and restricting like full gym gloves can be.